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Volume 7 (1) 2019

Image: Nurses from Soho Hospital for Women, London, waving from the carousel at a fair and market in aid of the hospital, in Soho Park, 4th July 1939. Reproduced with permission of the Historic England Archive (MED01/01/0493).
Volume 8 (1) 2020

Image: Training Queen's Nurses: District Nurse training at the Queen's Institute of District Nursing, Guildford, Surrey, England, UK, 1944 © IWM (D 23115)
The Volume 9, 2021 issue of the UKHAN Bulletin will break new ground this year.
For the first time we will focus the history of nurses from Black, Asian and other ethnic communities. The issue will pull together a collection of articles from around the world which discuss the experiences of nurses from such communities in an historical context, particularly in a colonial/post-colonial context. It will include a mix of already published and new work, full length articles and shorter articles on work in progress and book reviews. Just as importantly, the issue will focus on work produced by authors from these same backgrounds, offering a platform to authors whose work is underrepresented. The result will be a significant collection for writers and researchers both familiar with and new to the field.
Karen Flynn (Associate Professor in the Departments of Gender and Women's Studies and African-American Studies at University of Illinois), who has written about the history of Black women and healthcare in several contexts, will guest edit the issue.
We are editing articles and creating the bulletin site with a view to publication in early October, so more soon.