[Cover image shows two Greenwich Pensioners sitting in the garden of a tavern with a woman listening to them, 1791, in honour of our next colloquium to be held in Greenwich in summer 2024: courtesy of the Wellcome Trust]

EditorialAlannah Tomkins
Author Biographies
Long Articles
Hazards of Nursing During the First World War, 1914-1918Amanda Gwinnup
Patricia Sunderland; an Irish Registered Mental Nurse and Pioneer of occupational therapyIrene Ilott, Gwawr Faulconbridge and Judith Pettigrew
‘Received into the Wards as Patients’: A Case Study of Sick and Injured Nurses at Haslar Naval Hospital 1814-1815Erin Spinney
Benign Influence: British nurses and midwives in mid-nineteenth-century UtahSheri Tesseyman, Madelyn Reese and Emma Sellers
Short Articles
1922 Nurses Strike at Nottinghamshire County Mental HospitalRosemary Collins
Mary Little Kerr 1896-1975Janet Hargraves
What’s on a badge? Using material culture to illustrate the professionalization of nursing.Stuart Wildman
‘Never shall I forget the awful sights’: The Nursing Career of Helen L. Kerrigan (c.1876 – 1950)Gavin Wilk
Reports on Events
Collecting and exhibiting real stories of nursing in COVID-19Antonia Harland-Lang
Back into the light: the unveiling of Chester Royal Infirmary’s stained-glass windows at the University of ChesterSarah Griffiths and Claire Chatterton
The St George’s nursing collectionFabian Macpherson
Book Review
Review of C. Helmstadter, Beyond Nightingale. Nursing on the Crimean War BattlefieldsAlannah Tomkins