Editorial March 2020Sue Hawkins
Waterloo, Brussels, and developments in humanitarian nursing as context for the emergence of the ‘lady nurse’.Alannah Tomkins
Medical misconduct: the nurses of Ravensbrück concentration camp, 1939-1945Kate Docking
Nursing the Community in the Work and Writings of Ellen N. La MotteLea Williams
Health visiting between the wars: using fragmentary biographical data to explore attempts to resolve a developing recruitment and retention crisisPamela Dale
‘Seeing Images’ during Conflict: Then and NowBarbara Mann Wall
From Maggots to MatronsClaire Laurent
Eva Lückes’s ‘retreat’ to the Isles of ScillySarah Rogers
A view from the archives: racism in the workhouse?Sue Hawkins
Avis Hutt: Nursing London’s East End through the 1930sFrancis Cadd
Maria Machin at the Montreal General Hospital: A study in revisionismCarol Helmstadter
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Lives of Twenty Leaders in 20th century UK Nursing added to Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Sue Hawkins
‘The Nurses General’: Dame Maud McCarthySarah Rogers
Florence 2020: An overviewSue Hawkins
UKAHN Colloquium July 2019 Cirencester, UKHelen Sweet